Initiative for Breaking Barriers in Development (BbiD) is a registered research and consulting Non-Governmental Organization focused on provision of evidence based solutions aimed at improving living standards of the poor and the disadvantaged in Nigeria especially women, and youth. BbiD is headquartered in Abuja and carries out interventions in all 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria.



  1. 1. Work with target beneficiary groups in developing and implementing research projects.
  3. 2. Support development partners through the provision of efficient and low costs research and logistics services.
  5. 3. Advocate and facilitate community ownership and participation in development interventions that promote the rights of individuals and groups.
  7. 4. Transfer project management and related skills to disadvantaged communities and other stakeholder groups or institutions.
  9. 5. Promote best practices and knowledge management through community dialogues, media and other appropriate conduits or tools .

Development research and related services are core to the BbiD’s service offerings. We recognize that evidence based solutions are very key to development and have over the years made this a focus area. Our research results inform programme development, policy evolution as well as advocacy.

BbiD has a verifiable track record in successfully carrying out various development research assignments including impact evaluation surveys, social research and surveys, service mapping, and intervention monitoring and evaluation.


We utilize our existing network across Nigeria to recruit and mobilize enumerators and researchers to compliment the wealth of research related knowledge we have in the management core.

BbiD provides project management services and M&E solutions for various development interventions. We have an experienced project management team and have served as a project implementation organ for a variety of clients. Our portfolio have encompassed, the management of agriculture, education and health projects.


The BbiD team has been providing efficient and low cost logistics and administrative support to a variety of local and international organizations. BbiD utilizes its existing network across Nigeria to recruit and mobilize campaigners, manage workshops/events, payroll administration and the provision of specialized logistics services such transportation and equipment hire. We have a verifiable track record in provision of efficient logistics and administrative support services and have provided tested and innovative solutions for our partners.


The BbiD team members have supported various training workshops and events for reputable organizations like the Association for Public Health Laboratories (APHL), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the American Society for Microbiology. Our nationwide network ensures that we can mobilize quickly and efficiently, saving costs for our partners whilst assuring excellent and reliable delivery of these services: Our services under this work-stream include:

  1. Recruiting, mobilizing and managing short term personnel for a variety of activities including – event administration, M&E, Spot checks, Surveys and other social probes.
  2. Office equipment rentals such as printers, laptops and projectors
  3. Vehicle hire and local/national travel support
  4. Temporal office space rentals

This is a very salient and cross-cutting portfolio in BbiD’s operations. Our organization has extensive experience in engaging wide ranging stakeholders and establishing conducive environments for fostering information exchanges aimed at bringing about positive social change.


BbiD works with its beneficiaries and partners, our organization employs contemporary and tested communications techniques to effect social change and promote community participation in varied development interventions. Our organizational experience covers information dissemination and education, behavior change, social marketing, social mobilization, media advocacy, emancipation communication for social transformation and community participation.


In addition to having a development communications expert on our Board of Trustees, BbiD has partnered with a private sector communications firm, Dreamworks Systems Solution Ltd to provide cost effective development communications and advocacy solutions for our beneficiaries and partners. Specific services we render under this portfolio include:

  1. Facilitating stakeholder consultations
  2. Developing and production of social transformation messages for jingles, social media, flyers and banners
  3. Web design and hosting for women/youth owned enterprises
  4. Bulk SMS services
  5. Digital and Print media and publishing

Our approach to assignments is hinged on the philosophy of beneficiary/client participation and teamwork. The technical expertise of BbiD is reflected in several ways, incorporating cost-effective methodologies and creative approaches to task objectives. We strive to provide unique and excellent professional services that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients – in a manner that guarantees practical solutions to problems as well as providing value for money spent. We do not believe in universal solutions. For each situation, we combine our collective experience and adapt it continuously to the needs of diversified clientele. Our seven stage assignment process comprise of the following.

  • Diagnosis and project proposal development
  • Beneficiary/Client approves project
  • Design logistics for achieving the result
  • Desk Research
  • Field work
  • Data processing, analysis and interpretation

Presentation of report 

BbiD is a self-financing NGO. We provide consultancy services as a cross-cutting component of our operations. Our key sources of funding include fees or charges from consultancy services, support from strategic partnerships and grant funding for specific projects from donor agencies.

BbiD’s greatest asset is its highly committed and experienced personnel. We have 9 core staff at our Abuja HQ and have an invaluable network of partners in all 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria. In addition, BbiD maintains a register of associate consultants who from time to time are contracted for specific development projects. Our operations are guided by a Management Board comprised of 4 members.